Monday, May 03, 2010

Miguel A. Bretos: Matanzas: The Cuba Nobody Knows

Matanzas: The Cuba Nobody Knows
Fabiola Santiago reviews Miguel A. Bretos' Matanzas: The Cuba Nobody Knows.
Long before I read his book, Bretos shared with me some of these stories because I also was born in Matanzas. Among so many who prefer to claim a stake in Havana, we proud matanceros in exile sometimes feel subversive, and whenever Bretos and I ran into each other at a cultural event, we shared a sense of complicity.

Bretos, who suffers from Parkinson's (with typical humor he calls it ``Dr. Parkinson's damned disease''), warns that his historical account is not complete. The history of post-Revolution Matanzas, he says, also merits research and analyses. With this book, Bretos has not only conferred on his beloved Matanzas its rightful place in history but he has provided students and fans of Cuban history with a significant launching point into the future.
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