Tuesday, April 18, 2006

La Mujer de Mi Hermano, directed by Ricardo de Montreuil

Some movies sell and you don't know why. With "La Mujer de mi Hermano," a big-screen romantic drama with the aura of a nicely steamed telenovela, you know why: because the three stars look good in plush white bathrobes, that's why. Uruguay native Barbari Mori, Peruvian-born Christian Meier and Colombian heartthrob Manolo Cardona ooze the sort of high-gloss charisma required by Peruvian novelist Jaime Bayly's story, trading in many of the usual soap opera suspects--family secrets, closeted homosexuality and high-grade terry cloth among them.

A large hit all over Latin America, "La Mujer de mi Hermano" ("My Brother's Wife") unfurls in a dreamy, high-end Mexico City. (The novel took place in Peru.) On the surface Zoe (Mori) lives the sweet life with her husband Ignacio (Meier) in their ultra-chic rectangular slab of a home, all concrete, glass and chrome. Underneath, trouble: The childless couple's sensual currents have gone flat, and the grind of Ignacio's infertility has taken its toll.

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