Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Lost City directed by Andy Garcia

Andy Garcia directs and stars in his latest film, “The Lost City,” a dramatic and historical romantic tribute to his native Cuba set against the background of the Cuban revolution. Garcia left Havana when he was five years old when his family fled to Florida after Fidel Castro’s takeover, and he has been nurturing this project for 16 years. Unfortunately, while the film is handsomely produced and shot on location in the Dominican Republic, it is seriously marred by weak direction and a poorly realized screen adaptation.

Written by Cuban master novelist, Guillermo Cabrera Infante, who became one of the most important voices of opposition against the Castro regime, the film follows the bittersweet tale of one family, three brothers and a beautiful woman whose fates are dramatically intertwined with that of a nation caught up in revolutionary turmoil in the late 1950s. Fico Fellove (Garcia), the owner of Havana’s classiest music nightclub, El Tropico, struggles to hold together his family, his club, and the woman he loves. The entertainment that takes place nightly on the stage of his nightclub mirrors what is happening to his country. Indeed, the club serves as a microcosmic theater of the absurd where national historic events play out.

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