Monday, May 29, 2006

The Eagle's Throne by Carlos Fuentes

We don't usually hear literature and national politics spoken of in the same breath these days, but in the case of Carlos Fuentes the two often go naturally together. Ever since his debut as a novelist in the late 1950s, the prolific Mexican writer has attempted the Joycean feat of trying to put into prose, mostly novels and stories, the great uncreated conscience of his nation.
His latest effort in this regard came out four years ago in Mexico, and that book, translated as "The Eagle's Throne," has just been published in English. The bird of the title is part of the Mexican national emblem, and the seat in question is the presidency. Just recently a friend of mine, fresh from working in the Chilean presidential election campaign, told me that Michelle Bachelet, who was sworn in as Chile's president in March, had received from friends a number of copies of Fuentes' new book.

You can find the review here

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