Thursday, February 22, 2007

36th New Directors/New Film Series

Novelist/director Paul Auster's "The Inner Life of Martin Frost" will open the 36th New Directors/New Films series slated for March 21 - April 1 with screenings at MoMA's Titus 1 Theater and Lincoln Center's Walter Reade Theater. Argentine director Alexis Dos Santos' "Glue" will be the second opener for the series, one of three on offer from the South American country in the series out of a total roster of 26 feature length films and six shorts. Also on tap this year is Sundance grand jury winner "Padre Nuestro" by Christopher Zalla. [...]

"El Custodio," directed by Rodrigo Moreno, Argentina, 2006

The remarkable character actor Julio Chavez ("A Red Bear," ND/NF 2003) disappears into the nearly silent role of a middle-aged bodyguard for an important politician, and the cleverly paced, slow-burning tale is a mesmerizing portrait of a man whose all-consuming job is that of an invisible human shield. The measured movements of Chavez's alienated Ruben are destined to reach a breaking point, when this shadow can no longer deny his own repressed feelings. Director Rodrigo Moreno develops his masterfully wrought psychological thriller in the celebrated minimalist style that has put recent Argentine cinema on the international map. Chavez received the Best Actor award at this year's Havana International Film Festival for this performance. [...]

"Glue," directed by Alexis Dos Santos, Argentina/UK, 2006

Two boys, Lucas and Nacho, and their sidekick, Andrea, are growing up in a small remote town in Patagonia where they are experiencing the growing pains of adolescence. Lucas contends with his parents' imminent divorce. Nacho obsesses over music and sex, while Andrea is preoccupied with her too-slowly developing body. Once the three connect they become inseparable. This award-winning feature by first-time filmmaker Alexis Dos Santos reflects an intensity possible only by a talented risk-taking cast and a story rooted in the director's intimate knowledge of his subject. Scenes were shot in an improvisational style, capturing the wild beauty of Patagonia's hot, dry and windswept summer landscape. A Picture This! release.[...]

"Meanwhile," directed by Diego Lerman, Argentina, 2006

Violeta can't decide if she wants to move to Ibiza with her boyfriend Mono or just break up with him. Dalmiro's ceramics business isn't going so well, but things might be looking up. Sergio and Susana are trying to start a family. These and other characters form the rich tapestry in Meanwhile, the second feature by Diego Lerman. He focuses here on those in-between moments in people's lives--those times after a decision's possibilities have been accepted but before it's been put into effect. His characters move in and out of each other's orbits, sometimes affecting final decisions or inadvertently foreshadowing unexpected consequences, together creating a portrait of a generation used to waiting and enduring. [...]
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