Saturday, December 31, 2005

Hopscotch by Julio Cortazar

In 1963, Júlio Cortazár achieve world fame with the publication of Rayuela, and became one of the main figures of the Latin American literary boom.
This book works as some kind of proto-hipertext, and Cortazár surprises the reader by having a "Table of Instructions" where he explains that "In its own way, this book consists of many books, but two books above all."
To start reading we're presented with two options, to read the book in the normal way up to the chapter 56, or follow the order indicated at the end of each chapter, going back and forward, starting from chapter 73.
The key character is Horacio Oliveira a bohemian argentine living in Paris, and his girlfriend "La Maga". The book presents episodes of Oliveira's life independent of the chronological order, complemented with philosophical and literary meditations.
The book it's hard to read, but once you're in to it, it's also hard to leave.

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