Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Spanish and Portuguese Languages throughout the world

Spanish Language - World´s 2nd Fastest Growing Language

Between 1980-2040 the world´s Spanish-speaking population will increase a 103 %, as UNO estimations indicate. 538 million people will have Spanish as first language.

23,45 millions of Europeans (excluded the Spaniards) declared to be able to speak Spanish, as Instituto Cervantes published recently. In 2001, 3,4 million European citizens studied Don Quijote´s language.

English is still leading the interest for those who want to learn a foreign language , and Chinese Mandarin keeps its first position as the world´s most spoken language - 1.000 million native speakers.

Spanish, with 402 million native speakers in 2005, is becoming a popular choice when deciding a new foreign language to learn. Why learn Spanish? 68% of the students take this decision for job-related reasons.

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