Monday, February 20, 2006

The Crack Manifesto

In July 1996, five Mexican novelists (Pedro Ángel Palou, Eloy Urroz, Ignacio Padilla, Ricardo Chávez Castañeda and Jorge Volpi) published "The Crack Manifesto" deciding to break the tradition of Magical Realism and return to, what they called an "aesthetic of dislocation", multiplicity and more or less deterministic chaos.

You can find these five texts: The Crack’s Fair by Pedro Ángel Palou, Crack’s Genealogy by Eloy Urroz, A Pocket Septet by Ignacio Padilla, The Risks of Form: The Structure of the Crack Novels by Ricardo Chávez Castañeda and Where Was the End of the World? by Jorge Volpi here

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