Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Interview With Chilean Filmmaker Raúl Ruiz

Question: Where do you imagine your tomb?
Raúl Ruiz: In a satellite, circling the earth.

Q: What do you recall of the military junta?
RR: The sound of a helicopter. It was permanent sound. I always think of the scene when Henry Hill is being chased by the police in the Marin Scorsese movie "Goodfellas."

Q: What was your relationship with Nicanor Parra like? Are you familiar with all of his work?
RR: Yes, I have read everything. At one time I was very good friends with him because he came every Sunday, sometimes every day, to have breakfast at my mother’s house. She was from Mulchén and he was from Chillán, so they had a lot in common.

Q: Is Nicanor a good candidate for the Nobel Prize?
RR: What does the Nobel Prize matter? No one even remembers the names of the majority of past winners. He has had recognition and he deserves more. But I am against prizes in general, and I am allowed to be against them since I have won some. I don’t know. To believe in prizes is to believe in the importance of the number 10. Prizes let people compare, but an artist is characterized by not being comparable.

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