Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tomas Eloy Martinez' The Queen's Flight published in Romania

Carturesti Books will host tomorrow the launch of a book by Argentinean writer Tomas Eloy Martinez. "The Queen's Flight" is a novel about desire and power, the story of which takes place on the background of a political reality dominated by corruption and describes the love story between the manager of a newspaper in Buenos Aires and his protegee, a young and talented journalist.
According to the editors, the novel focuses on the game of obsession, which mixes sexuality and domination, a mystery about the mechanisms of political and mass media power, constructing a world in which corruption has infiltrated all domains.
Tomas Eloy Martinez, 72, is considered a classic Argentinean writer because of his two books "Novela de Peron," written in 1985, and "Santa Evita," written in 1995, which has been translated in over 30 countries. Besides novels, Eloy Martinez has also written short stories, essays and film scripts.

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