Friday, December 01, 2006

Interview with Antonio Banderas

Interview with Antonio Banderas' on his second experience as a director "El Camino de los Ingleses" (The English Path).

Antonio Banderas' second turn as a director is a far cry from cinematic romps like "The Mask of Zorro," "Spy Kids" or the other box-office hits which made him a household acting name.
Instead, he's created a chronicle about the bewildering path to manhood in Spain.
"It's my age!" one of Spain's biggest international film stars told a news conference. "I'm becoming more pensive and I can imagine myself better behind a camera than in front of it."
The Spanish language film tells the story of a group of teenage boys on the threshold of maturity, their loves and conflicts as they try to understand their transition to adults.
Banderas says the movie is an attempt to bring something more personal and risky to the big screen, but also to provide a springboard for a new generation of local actors in Malaga, his home city in southern Spain.
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