Friday, December 08, 2006

Pacific Cinematheque's Cine Chile 2006

For the past decade, celebrated Chilean author Alberto Fuguet (The Movies of My Life, Bad Vibes, Shorts, Red Ink) has been a leader in the Latin American literary movement known as McOndo (a name that combines McDonald's with Macondo, the fictional setting of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude).

McOndo eschews mythical Hispanic villages in favour of condos, Spanglish and Mac computers. And Fuguet's characters are more likely to be disillusioned, globetrotting hipsters than grandmothers who can fly.

Last year, the 42-year-old writer took his revolt against magic realism to the big screen in his directorial debut, For Rent. The gentle drama concerns a failed, thirtysomething composer adrift in a Santiago powered by movers and shakers who were once his less-talented university pals.

The film lit up box offices in the slender republic, and tonight it kicks off the Pacific Cinematheque's Cine Chile 2006 -- a week-long spotlight of movies from that nation's youth wave.
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