Thursday, December 07, 2006

Lower City directed by Sergio Machado

Let's face it, love triangles can be a drag on film. The sex might be diverting but two guys fighting over the same girl (it's almost never the other way round) usually means there's no real love story. The blokes are too busy with their cockfight. It's a phallocentric form.

Lower City is a bit different. It does have both a real (simulated) and metaphoric cockfight, but it also encompasses three corners of a bruising and compelling love story. It's a brilliantly fresh, immediate and intimate film from a young Brazilian director who is announcing his arrival. It's also quite sexy.

Sergio Machado is 38, from Bahia, the most African of the Brazilian states.

He has worked with Walter Salles since being recommended by the great novelist Jorge Amado, whose books made Bahia famous. Salles (who made The Motorcycle Diaries) produced Lower City, which is set mostly in Salvador, the Bahian capital.
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