Monday, January 09, 2006

Eduardo Lago wins the Nadal prize 2006

Barcelona, January 7 - (El Mundo)
Spanish literature professor Eduardo Lago won the Nadal prize with his first novel 'Llámame Brooklyn'.
'Llámame Brooklyn' is the story of a New York journalist that after the death of his friend Gal Ackerman, attempts to recover, among the hundreds of notebooks left by Ackerman in a Brooklyn motel, a half finished novel.

The jury of the Nadal Prize 2006 announced also the winner of Josep Pla prize for Catallan prose; Lluí­s María Todó for is novel 'El mal francés'.

The last winners of the Nadal were 'Un encargo difí­cil' (2005) by Pedro Zarraluki, 'El camino de los ingleses' (2004) by Antonio Soler, 'Los amigos del crimen perfecto' (2003) by Andrés Trapiello, 'Los estados carenciales' (2002) by Angela Vallvey and 'El Niño de los Coroneles' (2001) by Fernando Marías.

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