Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Spanish author Jorge Semprun to be guest of honour at 13th Budapest book festival

Budapest, January 4 (MTI) - Spanish writer and anti-fascism activist Jorge Semprun will be the guest of honour at the Budapest International Book Festival, which takes place between April 20 and 23, a national daily reported on Wednesday.

Semprun, whom Nepszabadsag newspaper describes as one of the most important literary post-war figures, published his seminal work in 1963. The 82 year-old Paris-based author is to receive the grand prize at the festival for that novel, "The Long Voyage".

The thirteenth festival celebrates Spain and will highlight Spanish-language literature with several works by such writers as Isabel Allende, Zoe Valdes and Carlos Ruiz Zafon presented in Hungarian for the first time.

On the main stand, German literature will also represent itself with particular emphasis on the ongoing Hungarian cultural year in Germany. The planned "Berlin Room" will feature 12 German guest writers.

From the European Union, first editions from publishers in 18 countries will also appear at the festival.

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  1. Anonymous5:41 PM

    People who attend the Budapest Book Festival and have the opportunity to meet or hear Jorge Semprun speak are very lucky indeed. His work and the variety of his oeuvre are unparalled. It would be difficult for me to isolate one book or one film in particular. His literary style and his ability to generate emotion and to teach his readers simultaneously are what make him one of my most favourite authors.