Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Alberto Schommer

The Bilbao Art Museum is opennig a retrospective exibit of Spanish photographer Alberto Schommer.
Alberto Schommer was born in Vitoria in 1928. His early interests included painting, film and photography, which he first became acquainted with in the studio his father, German photographer Alberto Schommer Koch, had run since 1922 in the city. Since his initial links to movements working to revitalize Spanish photography in the 1950s, Schommer has enjoyed a long and prolific career replete with formal challenges and permanently informed, under the early influence of the work of Irving Penn and William Klein, by the desire to defend the artistic status of photography. His reports, still life photographs, landscapes, portraits and what he calls cascografías (loosely translated here as “cracklegraphs”) are now part of Spanish visual memory and the history of photography.

This exhibition provides an overview of the significance of Alberto Schommer’s work and his long career. One of the leading photographers the creative scene in Spain in recent decades, Schommer has always been acutely sensitive to the artistic trends of his time. After a brief foray into painting, which he abandoned definitively in the early 1960s, Schommer took on board all sorts of influences, from the post-Cubist landscapes of Benjamín Palencia and Surrealism to the realist still life paintings of Antonio López, art informel and the experimental avant-garde of the 1960s.
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