Friday, February 19, 2010

Gabriel García Márquez: Chronicle of a Death Foretold

Chronicle of a Death ForetoldMaybe Chronicle of a Death Foretold is the most ‘realistic’ work by Gabriel García Márquez, after all it’s based on a historical event that happened in hist the hometown.

When the novel begins, we know that the Vicario brothers are going to kill Santiago Nasar - in fact had already killed him, to avenge the outraged honor of their sister Angela, but the story ends precisely at the time of Santiago Nasar’s death.

Cyclical time, as used by García Márquez in his works, reappears here thoroughly decomposed in each moment, neatly and accurately reconstructed by the narrator, who starts by telling what happened long ago, then moves back and forth in his story and returns a long after the events to tell the fate of the survivors.

The action is at once collective and personal, clear and ambiguous, and grips you from the start, even knowing the outcome of the plot.

Gabriel García Márquez (Colombia)



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