Friday, February 05, 2010

Roberto Bolaño: El Tercer Reich

According to EFE.
El tercer Reich (Vintage Espanol) (Spanish Edition)
MADRID – In what figures to be among the most significant literary events this year in Spain, Anagrama has released the previously unpublished first novel by late Chilean writer Roberto Bolaño.

Appearing at bookstores on Thursday, six and a half years after the acclaimed author’s death, “El Tercer Reich” (The Third Reich) will subsequently be published in the coming weeks in Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay and Venezuela, among other Latin American countries, sources with the Spanish publishing company told Efe.

The novel, typewritten and then hand-corrected by Bolaño (1953-2003) in 1989, was first shown to publishers in 2008 at the Frankfurt Book Fair after being dug up by his literary agent, Andrew Wylie, known as “the Jackal.”

Many of his recurring themes were already present in this debut novel, including “the strange forms and deformations of Nazism or (the idea) that culture (games or literature) is reality,” Anagrama said.

“El Tercer Reich” is written in the form of a diary and features as protagonist a 25-year-old German named Udo Berger who is a war-games enthusiast and champion in his homeland, where he writes articles on the subject in specialist journals.
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