Friday, February 12, 2010

Manuel Mujica Lainez: Bomarzo

Great novel about the Italian Renaissance, on classical culture, but at the same time is a novel about the psychology of his characters, especially his protagonist, Pier Francesco Orsini, who with his excesses and virtues drags us over this period of Italian history, where power was abble to support everything from corruption to murder, where leaders will do anything to be on top. The Duke of Renaissance, masterfully portrayed by Manuel Mujica Lainez, in his novel Bomarzo, whose personality is dual, he is an art lover, and yet he remains cruel and hateful, but we fell often closer to him than to other characters in the novel and he attracts us as a magnet, he's marked by his physical defect and that will affect him for life.
The construction of a spectacular garden, full of monstrous figures shows the closed and dark personality of Duke Orsini, it was a visit to this wonderful garden, in the Viterbo region, about 60 km from Rome, which inspired Mujica Lainez this superb historical novel. A great book that and one of the best novels on the Italian Renaissance period.


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